The Vittoria Lamport Club was organized in 1976 after Knisley Bingleman, former Clerk, and John (Tom) Casselton, former Reeve of the Township of Charlotteville, had been talking and Tom expressed his interest in the forming of a New Horizons Club in Vittoria. Tom Casselton became ill right after this talk and asked Knisley if he would carry on as he was now unable to do so. Knisley did and was President of the Club for the first four years.

As Regional Government had just come into effect the fear at that time was that the Town Hall might be torn down. No one in Vittoria wanted anything to happen to the Hall. A delegation met with Township of Delhi Council several times to try to ensure that the Town Hall would be maintained.

A representative from the New Horizons program of the Ontario government outlined how we should proceed to apply for grants. We received a grant of $10,334 from the New Horizons, and one from the Township of Delhi for $5,000.

The work was done under the watchful eye of the New Horizons, who had to authorize the spending of the money. The following expenditures were made: a new well was drilled and new plumbing installed; washrooms were put in as well as new kitchen cupboards and sink; a new roof was put on the hall, however it was not satisfactory as it leaked worse after than it did before installation.

Corelle dishes, cutlery, a coffee maker and tea pots, a refrigerator, a stove, chesterfields, electric fans, fire extinguishers, a screen and projector, card tables, a stereo, loud speakers, drapes, shuffle board and a tennis table were purchased.

Membership has averaged around 60 over the years with the fee for a 1-year membership set at $5.00.

We have an annual Spring Tea, Bazaar and Bake Sale and in 1993 we held a special draw from which we realized $1,000 to renovate the Town Hall belfry. Once again, we were fortunate and received a grant from LACAC in the amount of $1,669 and our share of the cost was $1,788, which the Township of Delhi matched.

In 2006 the Lamport Club joined an ad hoc partnership with other local organizations, and donated $2,000 toward new kitchen cupboards, and $500 toward the stripping, sanding and refinishing of the Town Hall floors.

After several years of use, the Town Hall bell once again fell silent. A proposed partnership project to fix the bell is presently being studied. Hopefully something positive will take place in 2007.

The Club Executive meets the second Thursday of each month at 2 pm for a business meeting, except for July and August. The membership meets the fourth Thursday at 6 pm for a pot luck supper, bingo, and dancing, except for June, July and August. Any member who plays a musical instrument brings it at this time and we have been most fortunate over the years to always have some of the district's best musicians in our midst.

President - Larry Cable
Past President - Marion Sherman
Vice-President - John Donaldson
Secretary - Helen Colombus
Treasurer - Charlotte Donaldson

Updated March 2010