1815 - 1825

Vittoria is a quiet, peaceful hamlet in Norfolk County in Southern Ontario, population about 600. Masked by this veneer of tranquility, lies a long and distinguished history, of which the residents are justifiably proud.

Located about three miles from Lake Erie, the little village had become, in the early 1800's, the most active and important commercial centre between Niagara Falls and Detroit. It was not only the hub of the Long Point Settlement, but also, from 1815 to 1825 the judicial capital of the London District of Upper Canada, hosting the district courts and the Registry offices. This era of distinction came to a disappointing conclusion when the Court House burned down in 1825. The courts were removed to London, and the Registry Offices to nearby Simcoe. Vittoria's glory days were over.

In 1996, Vittoria celebrated its Bicentennial, and a new era of pride and enthusiasm was ushered in. There was so much enthusiasm that a new charitable organization, The Vittoria & District Foundation Inc. was formed. The Foundation has already done much to enhance the quality of life for residents of the district, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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