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Each March, The V&DF INC. holds a very successful fundraising Spaghetti Dinner and Auction. Members (and others) contribute many services or home-crafted items to be sold by Live or Silent Auction, or to be used as door or raffle prizes. Usually approximately 200 people donate at least one item to this event. Many members also volunteer their time to plan, organize and run the event. All proceeds are used to complete community projects such as those mentioned in our Programs section.

The Vittoria & District Foundation Inc. has been honoured by being selected to host the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards on several occasions. Whenever the V&DF involved in local improvements to the community halls or parks, volunteers assist with the planning and ongoing supervision of the activities.

The Walking Tour easels and the Milestone Certificates are innovations that give local folks a sense of pride and a good feeling about being a part of the community, and thus enhance their quality of life.

As previously mentioned, The V&DF INC. has no paid staff. The planning, organization and operation of all of the activities of the Foundation are done by its volunteer members.

The V&DF INC. demonstrates leadership, innovation and creativity by example. The restoration of the Vittoria Town Hall is a good example. Members of the Foundation suggested that the Town Hall should have glass storm windows to replace the tattered plastic ones. Before proceeding, it was decided to have an expert review the overall condition of the building and make recommendations of all renovations needed. The renovations needed would cost in the range of $30,000 to $35,000. The V&DF Inc. entered into a partnership with the Township of Delhi and the Canada Millennium Bureau to proceed with the project. The Foundation then offered an opportunity for local service clubs to join a coalition to raise the community's one-third share. Every organization contacted responded positively, much as they had 15 years earlier to build the Vittoria & District Community Centre.

One of the lessons learned is that the entire community will support an organization if they feel that they are getting their money's worth. That concept of giving good value for their money has certainly been carried on by the V&DF Inc. in all of its activities.

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